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The gambling industry in the United States generates more annual revenue, than the Hollywood movie industry, theme parks, music and video game sales combined. Americans spend over $600 billion on gambling a year. The internet gaming industry is expected to produce $6,000,000,000 ($6 billion) in revenue in 2012.

Online gambling is one of fastest growing industries in e-commerce today. You have the opportunity to generate monthly income as online gambling business continue to become extremely popular.

Sign up with some highly rated casino affiliate programs! They provide you with lots of promo material, tips, newsletters and informative stats. Promote the casino on your web site and earn commissions for the lifetime of the player! Find out more about affiliate programs here
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Casino Coins
Many casinos to promote. Get paid to refer players to their casinos. What more could you want? Just get people to go to their casinos and play for money and you get a percentage of the casinos winnings!

Casinos offered by Casino Coins

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Casino Paycheck

Of all the affiliate programs available to webmasters on the internet, none are as profitable as an online gambling affiliate program. And better yet, there is no online casino affiliate program more profitable than Casino Paycheck. Here’s why:

* Affiliates earn up to 35% of the losses from the players they refer. That’s 10% higher than the average online casino affiliate commission. This extra 10% means you earn hundreds or thousands more each month.

* Their client casinos use Real Time Gaming software. RTG is online gamblers’ favorite casino software. It’s quick to download, easy to sign up, user-friendly and has the most exciting, fastest-playing and largest selection of gambling games. For the affiliate, these superior features result in more clicks to the casinos, more downloads, more signups and more depositing players. Most importantly, RTG casinos produce more profit per player than any other casino type.

* There will be no zeroing of accounts monthly until a total of 50 players have been sent. In case you have a rare big winner this month, their winnings will not penalize you next month. There’s no need to have to climb back into positive territory. Each month you start out at zero and build your commissions from there. Unfortunately for the affiliate, this is rare among online casino affiliate programs. When this occurs the affiliate of another program is forced to leave that program rather than spend time and money trying to get their commissions back into positive territory. This is another reason Casino Paycheck is a necessity.

* They offer their affiliates an extensive collection of marketing tools so you can spend more time marketing your site(s) and our clients’ casinos. They have a large variety of banners in all shapes and sizes. If there is a banner size that you need and they don’t currently have, let them know and one of our designers will make it.

* All of this is free for our affiliates. Casino Paycheck makes it easy for you to make money. We are dedicated to keeping our affiliates happy making money and will continue to provide extensive marketing material, superior stats, responsive customer service and monthly, on-time commission payments through your choice of a variety of payment methods.

Casinos offered by Casino Paycheck

Casino Profit Share
Casino Profit Share pays affiliates up to a massive 35% of casino and poker-room profit. Join now & participate in one of the fastest growing industries – online gambling. The Casino Profit Share Affiliate Program offers these great benefits:

Up to 35% commission for top affiliates.

Free to register, absolutely no cost to you!

Extensive live reporting capabilities.

Simple & easy to add casino banners.

Affiliate Commission is paid monthly!

All Casinos reviewed by Price Waterhouse Coopers.

Fantastic Affiliate Support – Online Chat & Email Support – 24×7.

We will honor any affiliate commissions payable to you from any casino or poker-room we recommend.

Casinos offered by Casino Profit Share

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Casino Rewards

The CasinoRewards network was formed to meet the needs of the frequent online casino player. CasinoRewards consolidates the loyalty programs and maximizes their benefits every time you play at one of the member casinos. Become a VIP at one casino and you will be a VIP at all of them!

How it works
CasinoRewards is like the airline alliance programs and it has dramatically changed the way players can earn and redeem loyalty rewards. Different casino’s are members of the CasinoRewards program and points you earn on any Casino Rewards member site are added together into your single VIP account. Better still you can redeem your VIP points at any casino that is a member of the Casino Rewards program. Once you sign up as a real player at any of the member casinos you automatically start earning points in your VIP account. You’ll be amazed how quickly your points accumulate and you can cash them in at any time and they’ll be automatically added to whichever casino member account you choose.

And if you sign up at one of the other CasinoReward member casinos your points will really multiply!
Why join a Casino Rewards Member site. For the same reason that airline alliance programs have made frequent flyer programs so successful for travelers.

One vip account for multiple casino’s. Now you don’t have to remember different account and password details. All your points at any of the CasinoRewards sites will appear in your one account
If you play on multiple sites it’s now easier to become a whale as all of your points go into one account. Rather than being a small player at lots of sites you can now be recognized for the large player you are. This will give you access to the special deals that large players get.
If you’re a large player at one of the CasinoRewards sites you’ll now be recognized at all of their member sites
Redeem your points at any of the CasinoRewards sites. Feel like trying a new CasinoReward site but don’t want to deposit money, then just join the site, redeem some of your points and try it out risk free.
Because they are combining programs they can offer bigger and better promotions.

Casinos offered by Casino Rewards

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Fortune Affiliates
Our Mission
To be the most innovative and reputable, online gambling affiliate program, offering guidance and service excellence to loyal affiliates. We endeavor to provide mutually profitable relationships, through a market driven program, partnering with the most trustworthy and established organizations.

Their Company
With more than four years experience in online gambling affiliate marketing and phenomenal resources we are the only choice in the online gambling affiliate world. Work with our team of highly skilled and motivated professionals to build up your affiliate revenue stream.

Casinos offered by Fortune Affiliates

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ReferBack.com allows you to generate income from your online and offline marketing efforts. Join ReferBack.com and make money from established Online Casino and Poker Rooms for the entire lifetime of a player! Our top Affiliates earn in excess of $50,000 EVERY month – find out what ReferBack.com can do for you.

Why You Should Partner with ReferBack.com

ReferBack.com offers you:

Free marketing material for acquiring profitable players.
Unrivaled and professional 24/7 Advice and Support
Life-time revenue – income for the entire lifetime of your player.
Payouts sent out on time, every time. (10th working day of the month)
More money! They pay you on positive net win!
Your very own personal ReferBack.com Account Manager.
Manage your ROI with real-time tracking and reporting.
One of the world’s largest gaming operators, Belle Rock Gaming.
Reputable, global Online Casinos and Live Multiplayer Poker Rooms.

Recently their top Affiliate earned in excess of $200,000 in just one month! Isn’t it time you joined the Affiliate Program of Choice? Profit from our experience and make your website pay today.

Casinos offered by ReferBack

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Rich Webmasters
RichWebmaster is among the most established, profitable and reputable affiliate programs in the online gaming industry. We provide affiliates with an assortment of tools that makes it easy for you to earn money. From marketing materials, to helpful tips and suggestions, our program is easy to use

The RichWebMaster team is fully dedicated to helping affiliates achieve their goals; making lots of cash! Our website is updated regularly and we send out frequent newsletters to keep our Webmasters on the cutting edge of online casino marketing.

RichWebmaster currently represents ten successful gaming properties including: Grand Banks Casino, Black Widow Casino, Sterling House Casino, Prestige Casino, PlayGate Casino, DiamondClub Casino, Luck N’Roll, Casino On Liner, Slots Alley and Bingoville. All partner sites are selected according to a rigorous set of criteria including: Quality of games, fair-play practices, professionalism of design and overall marketability.


Guaranteed Tracking- ensures that each and every player affiliates bring to our operating partners will be credited accurately.

Monthly Payments – via NETeller, Prepaid ATM, MoneyBookers, Instadebit or Draft

Personalized one-to-one support

Recurring commission stream over the lifetime of each player

Flexibility: RichWebmaster offers affiliates choice among a varied selection of commission structures including a 30% Tiered Commission, 40% Flat Commission, 30% Flat, No Negative Balance Carry Over Commission, and a15% Commission based on gross deposits.

Casinos offered by Rich Webmasters

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VIP Profits

Who is VIP Profits?

VIP Profits was set up to support the ever growing VIP Management Services set of affiliate programs. They work alongside the leading sportsbook’s in the industry, and you can learn more about our brands by visiting the Programs section.

VIP Profits commission structure

They pay commission to their affiliates on a monthly basis, once they have made $50 or greater a month.

You can also make commissions from the affiliates underneath you, by their two-tier commissions structure.

They offer commissions in three different methods:

1. Return on Monthly Revenue

You can receive from 20-40% on the players monthly losses and this is by far the most popular method. A player is considered yours for life once you refer them through a banner, or unique tracking URL, they sign up and make a deposit.

For example if you have five players who loose $1,000 between them, then VIP Profits owes you $200 on 20% for your efforts.

2. Percent of Initial Deposit

VIP Profits will pay 10% of the players first initial deposit, no matter how large the deposit is. The player will need to wager at least half the deposit amount, before you receive your commissions.

3. Cost Per a Acquisition (player) (CPA Deal)

They will pay $50 per an active player achieved and this is very common with the traditional advertiser. VIP profits will pay once a player you have referred has deposited and wagered at least $100.

Casinos offered by VIP Profits

GOTO VIP Profits
Wager Profits
Wager Profits was created to provide casino affiliate webmasters the opportunity to earn substantial revenue promoting some of the finest casino sites available. Developed by a seasoned marketing professional and former casino affiliate, their program is guaranteed to increase your profits. All of our casinos have unrivaled customer conversion and retention rates, and their flagship client, Sci-fi-casino.com was the first in the industry (March 2002) with same day E-cash winner payouts.

Wager Profits is committed to the success of each of their affiliate partners. Their program includes many great features which make adding our casino clients marketing materials to your website as easy as possible. They never carry negative balances into a new month and are constantly monitoring our systems to assure you are receiving accurate and up to the minute statistics of your referrals.